SONAlaser clinic


SONA brings an experienced professional team in Musculoskeletal ACC / Injury Rehabilitation, Advanced Biomechanics/ Sports Chiropractic, Osteopathic and Dermal Therapy - Medical Aesthetics / Spa Therapies . Focused on measuring results and keeping up to date professionally with new research and education to deliver effective protocols is important. Whether it be chronic injury, acute pain, pigmentation, or a specific skin condition.  We deeply understand cause and effect. 

We look at the wider Antiaging spectrum - protocols that are significant in changing one's internal health status - world class prescriptive Functional Medicine nutrient formulas, detox programmes,. Our in-house musculoskeletal services - Chiropractic/Osteopathic, Orthopaedic C4 Laser Infrared Carbon Sauna and complete range of Myotherapeutic Massage therapies offer the body extremely good support for complete renewal and maintenance of good health.



Providing you with the best quality for the best results

Advanced Medical Technology

Clinically effective devices - proven results you can rely on. Expert strategies in resolving skin and body aging issues.

Professionally Designed
Health Spa

A world away from outside hustle come to the SONA spa to rejuvenate and realign the body, enjoy a luxury treatment. Nutritional programmes and detox treatments, general health advice.

Effective Nutriceutical Skincare Formulations and Nutrients.

For the best effects in daily skincare requirements we have searched for the ultimate products in delivering effectiveness.