Picolaser technology offers the fastest and most effective technology to treat pigmentation with REMARKABLE results - especially those caused by the sun - providing results like no other. Our 4 wavelength laser is the broadest most efficient in terms of results one can find. If you want results - the Picosecond laser is for you.













MEDICAL PICOLASER  (payment plans available)

Unwanted pigmentation is a very common issue with New Zealand skin due to the intensity of our sun. There are a number of other factors that contribute to pigmentation on skin as we age especially - these include : hormonal changes ; toxin exposure, liver issues and sun damage. Within the Medical Aesthetics industry the perception has been in the past that Pigmentation was a difficult skin condition to resolve. However now with the Picolaser results are consistently successful.

Pigmentation appears on the skin as sunspots and freckles, darker patches in the hormone zones, scarring pigment. In terms of sun damage the discolouration is caused by a production of excess melanin, which results in the darkened colouring and uneven tone.

Whats the ideal time frame treat pigmentation?

A PicoLaser treatment works best on patients who have avoided direct sun exposure at least 4 weeks before and after their next treatment. 

What is the best technology currently on the market to treat pigmentation?

Picolaser technology. Picolaser technology offers the fastest and most effective  laser to treat pigmentation, especially those caused by the sun. 

Bringing results like no other kind of laser - this device uses high thermal Picosecond pulses to target melanin, the source of unwanted pigmentation. It also allows for shorter wavelengths targeting specific problematic areas without damaging the surrounding tissue and minimising side effects.

Preparation for the procedure?

With PicoLaser, no special preparation is required and the procedure generally takes 10–15 minutes to complete. The fast and gentle treatment means that you don’t need to disrupt your busy life to achieve real improvements. Most patients experience no significant pain or soreness during or after treatment -  just some gentle heat or sensation similar to a tiny rubber band pinging the skin. The skin does darken after treatment and will remain darker for couple of days after treatment up to a week.

After procedure?

Patients can use paraben free moisturisers but no make up for 24hours is recommended -recommended that natural moisturisers, natural make-up and sunscreen can be used 24 hours after treatment.


From only $129 per treatment depending on the area and nature of condition. To get the best results it is essential you have an initial complimentary consultation with Liezel - our senior therapist.


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